We’re climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money for UNICEF

Autovista Group is aiming to raise £50,000 for UNICEF

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December 13, 2018

Texts from Jan

As Jan is walking down the mountain, some of his messages from early on came through. Here they are… We […]
December 13, 2018

Morning news

The group is descending to Horombo at the moment. They will spend the night there as planned. Tomorrow they will […]
December 12, 2018

They have all made it to the summit

December 12, 2018

They should be reaching Uhuru in the next 15 minutes

December 12, 2018

They are super close to Uhuru

December 12, 2018

Final Fundraising Push!

We are beyond delighted about the progress The Ascenders have been making. We woke up to the incredible news today that […]

Why are we doing this?

In January 2018, Autovista Group set an incredible challenge for our employees: the opportunity to team up with colleagues from all around the business and climb Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.
Chosen to take part were 34 staff from across the Group – each with a charity fundraising target of €2000 and four mountains to climb! As part of the preparation, our challengers will do the UK’s 3-Peak Challenge before setting off to tackle Kilimanjaro.
Our four objectives:
  1. Personal Development
  2. Team-building
  3. Fundraising
  4. Climb the Mountain

Read tweets from the teams

#TeamAscenders DID IT!! 🏔

They climbed the highest mountain in #Africa, reaching the historic #Kilimanjaro Summit for @UNICEF & are ALL our ‘Autovista Group Hero’s’!

What a way to end 2018 & begin 2019!! #Learningonthewayup

@UNICEF_uk #Fundraising #Teamwork

They did and we are all so proud #heroes #learningonthewayup @autovista_group #kilimanjarochallenge

I’ve just climbed a mountain and it broke me 7 days, 57 kilometres, €29k for UNICEF as a team. What a team, we are amazing. https://t.co/RsSf8dQObI #learningonthewayup @… https://t.co/taMTlPO7ry

Our MIGHTY #TeamAscenders on their way BACK DOWN after reaching the summit of #Kilimanjaro 🏔 & now back to base!

The 1st picture back in from the group..as reception is gained again!! 👏👏👏👏💪💪

#AutovistaClimbsKili #FeelingProud @UNICEF @UNICEF_uk

So as we hear that our 1st Autovista Group..the mighty #TeamAscenders are now ‘summiting’ towards the top of #Kilimanjaro..🏔the video shows the infectious energy & vibe the amazing guides have given them everyday on their climb! 💪👏


On tenterhooks today as the Ascenders summit tonight. Please send your good luck vibes and strength to them all 🧗🏻‍♀️💪 @autovista_group #autovistakilimanjarochallenge #learningonthewayup

Today it’s #InternationalMountainDay a good day to be climbing Kili - good luck Ascenders! #learningonthewayup

so today is #InternationalMountainDay - it seems the #autovistaascenders are currently doing just the right thing to celebrate it #autovistaclimbskili #learningonthewayup @autovista_group

Barney teaching me how to deal with any scarecrows we may encounter on Kili #learningonthewayup

Should I keep going or would it be better to turn around? 🤣
#learningonthewayup #trainingforkili #sotodelreal

A beautiful snippet of the jungle we walked through yesterday #learningonthewayup

Had to share this pic from Friday night! This is us waiting to see if our luggage was on the next KLM flight- the day after we arrived, and hours before the climb @autovista_group #kilimanjarochallenge #learningonthewayup

So thankful for these guys. Meet Nelson, Everest and John. They helped me achieve something that I never thought that I could do #learningonthewayup #feelingthankful @autovista_group #Kilimanjarochallenge

Just back from seeing off the Ascenders at the first camp. I’m in awe of the team, the local guides and porters. Such determination and will to support each other beat the mountain #feelinglucky @autovista_group #Kilimanjarochallenge #learningonthewayup

First day #learningonthewayup
on our #Kilimanjarochallenge with
@autovista_group and the
Arrival at Simba Camp on 2,671 m AMSL. Impressive day!

Best of luck to the first group as #AutovistaClimbsKili waves off #TeamAscenders on their epic journey up the mountain. Enjoy!

We met children yesterday, coming back from school. Heard them singing before seeing the bus. Thanks to them for sharing their joy with us.

And now we are on the way to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Day 1: By bus from Weru Weru Lodge at Moshi to Rongai on the Kenyan border and up there to Simba Camp.

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